PSCA: Area Mapping 13Jan16

Multi-image Orthogrammetry Maps and Video

Trillium Learning’s A World Bridge™ current UAV research activities at Alaska Aerospace - Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska (PSCA) in Kodiak, Alaska are part of the University of Alaska system’s FAA UAV research program. 

The following media were obtained from PSCA on January 13, 2016, and processed by Trillium Learning.

Point Cloud-generated Flythroughs

                  Area 1 Oblique Flythrough                                                                         Area 1 Nadir Flythrough

Oblique copyNadirSS

Area 2 Nadir Flythrough                                                                                                         Area 2 Oblique Flythrough



High-definition TIFF files

All orthomosaics are composed of multiple images. Since these are very high quality (4K images @ 27MB each ) we recommend that you look at these individually for the highest detail.

KLC Area 1 TIFF (Zip file of 136 images at 3.12 GB)

KLC Area 2 TIFF (Zip file of 99 images at 2.13 GB)

Orthomosaic Georeferenced Maps

Area 1 Orthomosaic (click for 90MB JPG download)

Area 1 Orthomosaic (676MB PDF download)

KLC Area1 Thumb

Area 2 Orthomosaic - (25 MB JPG)

Area 2 Orthomosaic - (186 MB PDF)

KLC Area2OrthoThumb

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