Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska: UAV Construction Inspection 4Nov15

Multi-image Orthogrammetry Maps and Video

Trillium Learning’s A World Bridge™ current UAV research activities at Alaska Aerospace - Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska (PSCA) in Kodiak, Alaska are part of the University of Alaska system’s FAA UAV research program. Activities include (not limited to, nor in particular order):

-Test geofencing for altitudes (30m, 61m, 91m, 122m)
   Fly the UAV at four different altitudes, testing the geofencing software at each, for FAA guidelines.

-Test line of sight to determine maximum visual distance 
   Fly the UAV in a straight line until line of sight is nearly compromised, record the distance, return to Homepoint.

-Test geofencing multiple distances up until established distance from line of sight test
   Test the geofencing at four different distances, with the max distance being the result of the line of sight test. 

-Test Point of Interest procedures at PSCA water tower 

   Set a waypoint at the center of the water tank, set the predetermined altitude and distance from tank, and test Point of Interest procedures.

-Test Point of Interest procedures at Launch Complex 1

Set waypoint at center of Launchpad Tower, set predetermined altitude and distance, record POI video.

-Mapping Part 1- Pick area for high definition mapping (orthomosaic) 
   Take pictures of the predetermined area to be put in Pix4D

-Mapping Part 2- Waypoint mapping
   Set waypoints around an area, then test waypoint mapping.

-Identify five areas (1/4 mile run each) for disaster simulation (4k video)
   Fly UAV for 1/4 mile run in each of the five predetermined areas to simulate the disaster resilience mapping

-Test Follow Me function through disaster resilience simulation 
   Set the altitude and distance from controller, then test Follow Me function, which has the UAV follow the controller. 

Data Visualization and Media from Test (movies at bottom of page)

Launch Complex 1 Orthomosaic: Send email to for download PSCA_LP1_Map.tif

LP1 Cloud1

Kodiak Launch Pad 1 Point Cloud1

CubeSat Launch Map: Send email to for download: PSCA_CubeSat_Map.tif

PSCA CubeSat MapWeb
LP1 Cloud2

Kodiak Launch Pad 1 Point Cloud2

LP1 Cloud3

Kodiak Launch Pad 1 Point Cloud3

LP1 Cloud5

Kodiak Launch Pad 1 Point Cloud4

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