NDVI Test, Trotters Park Retention Pond, Orlando, FL

Trillium Learning conducted an Invasive Species test on Dec. 3, 2015 at the Trotters Park Retention Pond in Orlando, Florida. 

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index): Trotter Park, Orlando, FL, taken with Sentera NDVI sensor on a DJI Phantom 3. Note that the brightest reflections from NIR and Color represent algae above water; all other objects are under water. Pond Fly-around movie at bottom of page.


Trotters Park Retention Pond - facing N/NE; surface with a few algae patches

Orthomosaic from 98 Images, taken at 200’ altitude


Selected Area 1


                                  Trotter Pond RGB                                                                       NIR                                                                                      Color


RGB Selected Comparison Area 1


NIR Selected Comparison Area 1


Color Selected Comparison Area 1

Selected Area 2


                                            RGB                                                                                     NIR                                                                                   Color     

Trotters RGB 2

RGB Selected Comparison Area 2

Trotters NDVI 2

NIR Selected Comparison Area 2

Trotters NDVI Color 2

Color Selected Comparison Area 2

Trotters Pond Fly-around (3D mesh with Point Cloud) - 7MB please be patient for download depending on available bandwidth


Trotter Fly-around (mp4 - PC

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